Terms and conditions

Any drivers licence outside Euro zone will need an international drivers licence to rent a scooter, quad or car.

All rented scooters and quads are insured, but only for third party. Please note, in Greece there is no insurance company that provides full insurance for any rental scooters or ATVs. Any damages caused by the driver will be charged for the damaged parts that will need to be replaced.

In Greece there is a helmet obligation for scooter & quad! The penalty for driving without a helmet is 350, – €

Do not hang helmets while driving on the scooter or quad! Destroyed helmets are charged with 30, – €

Over baggage must not be transported on the vehicles.

In the case of broken tires, lost keys or “dry-driven” vehicles, the rental companies will charge an additional cost of 30, – € of the required parts.

Do not exceed the speed limit while driving rented vehicle. This can cause an accident and it is dangerous.

Please do not put extra air in the quad tires! The rental companies are checking the air pressure regularly!

Too much air in the quad tires makes driving on these vehicles dangerous!

All scooter or quads are suitable only for 2 persons! lt is strictly forbidden to drive this models with more than 2 persons!

Driving on unpaved roads (OFF ROAD) and beaches is prohibited! In case of non-observance of this rule the rental companies will charge a fee of 150, – €!

Most vehicles are equipped with GPS for safety reasons so that you can be located if necessary.

Vehicles are not insured when used off-road and servicing in the event of damage is often not possible.

You may not rent a vehicle to another person. Only the person in the rental agreement is permitted to drive the rented vehicle.

Please note that the color of the rented vehicle can be different as seen on the pictures on our website.

Non refund for your left over petrol or early returns prior to due date.

Do not fill any oil or any other fluids apart from petrol. This must not be done by yourself or any other person including petrol service stations. Only employees of the rental companies or their partners are entitled to do so.

All vehicles are insured for use only on Rhodes island in Greece. You can not take them to another island or the mainland.

lf the rented vehicle will be returned late, a late fee will be charged as a daily rental rate.

Driving the vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited. You will not be insured if an accident occurs and you are liable for all costs and damages caused.

Please stay with the vehicle if an accident occurs or you break down until a staff of the rental company or their partners arrive to assist you.

Experience on motorized two-wheelers and the necessary driving licenses are mandatory for renting a scooter!

lf these rules are not taken into account, the rental companies or their partners reserve the right to withdraw the vehicle prematurely from the renter without reimbursement.

You can cancel your booking without any reason given up to 48 hours before the rental begin and you get a full refund. We do not refund any payment if you cancel later or if you can not present your licence for the reserved model on spot.

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