Animal Welfare Rhodes

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We love animals, do you?​

We hereby support several animal welfare organisations, such as:


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The association PAW HEROES tries to give dogs that live on the streets of Rhodes on the streets, in poor care or in overcrowded shelters a better future.

Rhodos Pfoten e.V.​

Rhodos Pfoten

Rhodos Pfoten e.V. is a non-profit association that aims to minimise animal suffering, especially on the Greek island of Rhodes, and to find a better life for the animals from there.
“Animal welfare knows no borders!”

Lucky Paws Animal Rescue Rhodes

Lucky Paws Animal Rescue Rhodes

We are an organization dedicated to the rescue of stray animals and the fair treatment of all animals.

Inselpfoten Rhodos e.V.

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Serious and authentic animal welfare association that helps dogs in Rhodes.

How your donation can help the animal welfare organisations in Rhodes:

  • A home – All their dogs live in their rescue centre or in a foster home. Therefore, there are regular costs for water, food, warm blankets and other materials.
  • Medical care – Donated funds also allow us to care for sick animals, pay vet fees and buy medicines.
  • Joy – A suitable leash or a new toy brings joy to the dogs and provides some variety.
  • Travel – Flying the animals to their new homes abroad.

Want to help?

Some Vets in Rhodes

Animal Care Clinic

24 hour Service
One of our experienced vets will be available for any emergency that may befall your beloved pet.

Vet Care Rhodes
Vet Care Rhodes

Serious and authentic animal welfare association that helps dogs in Rhodes.

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